Hga Fall Newsletter 2020

Greetings GT Supporters! Its been a long few months with all us battling Covid and keeping our sanity but, alas, we have persevered in 2020 never to let up to the politics, strong arm nor mandates to find our seat at the table. Our theme for this year, “Gather and Play” has a profound yetContinue reading “Hga Fall Newsletter 2020”

Book Review by Debb

Reviews Total Participation Techniques: Making Every Student an Active Learner, 2nd Edition ByPérsida Himmele and William Himmele Teaching techniques have evolved over the years.  Teachers need to keep the students’ interests and their desire to learn in a way that involves interaction with all the students.  This book offers 51 teaching techniques to assist the teacher and engageContinue reading “Book Review by Debb”

NAGC and Affiliates

NAGC Convention as many of you know has gone Virtual for the first time. Register if you havent already for the convention , November 12th to the 17th. A list of Speakers, Workkshops, Break out Sessions, Evening Activities etc.. can be found there. An opportune time for many to catch up on latest trends, news,Continue reading “NAGC and Affiliates”


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